Single Family and Live/Work Homes in the Heart of NELA

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Live/Work Homes with Separate Commercial Spaces at $949,000


Single Family Homes Starting at $819,000

Arla, Swedish for “morning”, is a collection of architectural single family and live/work homes nestled in the vibrant community of Eagle Rock. At the heart of the community is a “Central Park” designed to extend living areas into the outdoors to foster community building.


Local visionary architecture and design team of Rachel Allen, AIA (RADAR); Deidre Doherty (DDI) and Allen Compton (SALT) designed ARLA with functionality, harmony and an allegiance to Scandinavian design principals for an unencumbered lifestyle.


Arla features seven homes along Eagle Rock Blvd that have separate commercial retail spaces allowing small business owners an opportunity to live where they work. Other floorplans offer ground floor suites with kitchenettes perfect for a home office or shared living, so you can work less.


Located in desirable Eagle Rock at the union of Eagle Rock, Highland Park and Glassell Park – all of NELA is your playground. This culturally diverse area being hailed as the “new Silver Lake” has an LA energy but with a charming, neighborly, low-key vibe.

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Transforming Modern Living Through Design

Our design team was chosen for their inventive, holistic approach to residential architecture and because they are locals who live in and love NELA! With buildings reflecting the shapes of the San Rafael hills to the north, a shared “central park” and interior streets where people, not cars, come first, it’s like nothing else in Los Angeles. Rachel Allen of RADAR, Deirdre Doherty of DDI and Allen Compton of SALT took the meaning of Arla to heart. The community embodies the spirit of a new dawn for how people want to live today and showcases how quality of life is transformed through design both for the people who live there, and the surrounding neighborhood.

Rachel Allen


Allen Compton

Landscape Architect

Deirdre Doherty

Interior Designer

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