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Scandinavian Design Principles

Rachel Allen’s exteriors and Deirdre Doherty’s Interiors for Arla are rooted in the clean lines, bright, airy spaces, and natural elements that are signatures of Scandinavian design. Scandinavian design represents a philosophy characterized by functionality, simplicity, natural elements and clean lines. A key principle is that one should live in harmony with their environment and nature. Another principle is that everything should be made to last rather than be replaced – better for your pocketbook and better for the environment. To complement the art of living well, Scandinavian design allows for a simple home environment that enhances an unencumbered lifestyle so that you have free time to enjoy your life fully.

Image courtesy of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design
Image courtesy of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


The concept of Woonerf guided Allen Compton’s vision for the interior of Arla. His inclusion of a “central park” with trees, seating, plants and walkways creates a gathering area outside and fosters community.

Woonerf (pronounced VONE-erf) of Dutch origin, literally translates as “living yard” and is often called “living street.” Woonerf design takes the focus off of vehicles and instead spotlights pedestrians, cyclists, use of outdoor spaces and public transportation. The distinction between pedestrian and vehicular space is blurred and virtually non-existent so all of the outdoor spaces can be used by everyone, equally. Through the absence of sidewalk boundaries, curbs, and distinct lanes, those on foot and bike are invited to share the road. Speed is slowed by the design to “walking speed” for cars so everyone is invited outside to enjoy the space safely, when not in use by the occasional car.


Image courtesy of

Image provides examples of all possible Woonerf Design elements. Not all of these examples of Woonerf design options will be used at Arla. Image is for illustration purposes only.

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