Meet Team Arla

Courtney, Cari and the ACME team were the natural choice to represent the sales of Arla. Northeast LA’s most beloved boutique brokerage, ACME is rooted in its mission to make great design attainable for all, and ensures Arla is a distinctive offering for discerning Buyers.

ACME has a long relationship with Northeast Los Angeles (NELA). ACME founded the Northeast LA Business Culture aka “NELA Biz” in 2012, which brought together over 50 like-minded individuals and business owners to work towards the cultural, economic and business development of NELA in a slow and sustainable way. Through NELA Biz, and as a local Broker in the area for over a decade, ACME worked with the community to make Northeast Los Angeles a thriving and popular destination for homebuyers and small businesses in Los Angeles.

From the start, ACME conceived of Arla with an architectural acuity, modern simplicity and functionality that would fit with the expectations for which ACME listings are renowned. ACME listings are infused with three critical components – quality, style and value. To that end, ACME was entrusted to play a leadership role in the selection of the visionaries for Arla. Architect Rachel Allen, Interior Designer Deirdre Doherty and Landscape Architect Allen Compton. ACME insisted the Design Team was comprised of leaders who are not only groundbreaking in their field, but also uniquely understand the communities they serve and care deeply about the integrity of their contribution to Eagle Rock Boulevard. To that goal, Allen Compton, Rachel Allen and Deirdre Doherty the Design Team for Arla, all live and/or work in Eagle Rock and NELA.

Courtney, Cari and everyone at ACME can’t wait to show you Arla’s Single Family and Live Work homes. Sign up on the interest list for the latest news or come by and say Hi to find out more. ACME’s right across the street!

Cari Field

Before becoming a Realtor, Cari Field worked in the music industry for over 15 years in management, at an independent record label and finally as a Product Manager at Capitol Records in the iconic building on Hollywood and Vine. A referral-only Agent, Cari is known as the Secret Handshake Real Estate Agent for those lucky enough to be passed her name. Her clients become raving fans after they experience her expert advocacy, commitment to helping them find their dream home, expertise in winning bidding wars, ability to prep a home for sale and creative marketing to sell homes for top dollar.

ACME Real Estate

Courtney Poulos

Courtney J.E. Poulos is the broker/owner of ACME Real Estate, a member of Forbes Real Estate Council, a repeat panelist at Inman Connect and Awesome Females in Real Estate and at the California Association of Realtors WomanUp!® Initiative. She was the host of FYI Network’s “My City’s Just Not That Into Me,” where she played real estate matchmaker with buyers and sellers nationwide. Courtney’s stated mission is to help women achieve financial independence through real estate investment via her book, Break Up! With Your Rental: The Professional Woman’s Guide to Building Wealth through Real Estate, available nationwide.

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Taylor Johnson

A midwest girl at heart, Taylor Johnson moved to Los Angeles in 2013 with a desire to break into the entertainment industry. Upon her move, Taylor landed a position at the Directors Guild of America, planning large-scale events including the DGA Awards and many other high-profile events attended by prominent filmmakers. Through her work with the DGA, Taylor demonstrated her ability to perform well under pressure, maintain confidentiality, and do whatever she can to reach the desired end result. Her interest in real estate was sparked by her own experiences witnessing the lasting relationships that were made between agents and their clients. Building relationships has always been a cornerstone in Taylor’s career and she looks forward to creating new relationships with her clients

ACME Real Estate

Emily Sinclair

Before becoming a Realtor and succumbing to her torrid love affair with real estate, Emily Sinclair had an illustrious career producing non-fiction television for such networks as ABC, NBC, CBS, LIFETIME, HGTV and DIY. She won an Emmy Award for producing Extreme Makeover Home Edition in 2005.  After 18 years of making the impossible happen in Reality TV she’s proud of her resourcefulness,  ability to multi-task in her sleep, and her infectiously positive attitude. Her reputation is one of truly caring about people and wanting to see them reach their maximum potential, be that in a home or in wealth building.  Her favorite moment is seeing someone move into their forever home and start living well.

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